Local community holds roundtable on new nursing home

时间:2022-12-14 14:51:42 | 来源:China.org.cn


In recent years, the police station in Hecun village, Jiangshan city, eastern China's Zhejiang province, has taken a slew of measures to improve social governance.

The station has set up a conflict resolution team composed of specialists, village Party secretaries, and town-level law-enforcement officers. The team not only addresses conflicts, but also provides necessary explanations and psychological counseling service in the meantime. So far, the team has resolved over 400 conflicts.

The police station has also set up a public education team against fraud. The team has offered guidance services in person and through online channels to over 500 companies and over 2,000 merchants, while encouraging people to install the official anti-fraud app. So far this year, the station has dissuaded over 50 people from paying over 700,000 yuan in frauds, and retrieved over 140,000 yuan of defrauded money.

In addition, the police station has kept improving administrative services. Besides making response to all appeals and offering one-window-for-all services, it has added an errand service. With it, people only need to get the paperwork ready and contact those who run errands when they need administrative services.

To help with company operation, police officers make regular visits to local companies to survey their needs and concerns while offering consultation and risk warnings. The police station also offers them one-stop services including document handling, consultation, and legal services through a variety of means.